A reflective blog to look at the double mirror of life, the other side of what we take as received wisdom. A way for me to practice holding the tension of opposites. In my life I have learnt that what I love has a dark side and what I hate has a silver lining – and that nowhere is this truer than when I refuse to accept that truth. So I use this blog as a practice in looking at life and what interests me from perspectives that challenge my  own views and opinions as well as challenge conventional wisdom about life and self.

If you have come here for my work on Digital Storytelling 106, you can find me on Tumblr as the DS106 Shrink putting DS106 on the couch. Here is a link  to the archive of that blog, it is the place where I make art and reflect on all things story and digital. Inevitably, there are overlaps.

I have decided to no longer allow comments on this blog. I am tired of moderation and most commenters I value (as well as some I do not) have their own blogs, so they can write their own post in response to anything that they want to critique, offer feedback on, or discuss in what I write here. Write your own post, link back (Pingbacks and Trackbacks are enabled). It has been a difficult choice, driven by  a few people who understand cMOOCs as a comprehensive doctrine to impose on others rather than just another educational choice with limitations.

If you want to contact me directly you can always @mdvfunes on Twitter.  If you are civil to me, we can talk there. If you are not, expect to be blocked. Life is too short to tolerate anything else.

Closing comments might mean less followers, likes, reblogs, retweets…